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Site administration

   Website support is one of the main factors for effective business development and ensuring leading positions both among clients and partners, and in search engines. Constantly informing customers with up-to-date information in the correct form is the support of the site. Only with well-oiled actions and timely updating of the website can “communication” with clients be carried out in the correct form.

Work experience - over 10 years
More than 1000 satisfied customers
Member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
High qualifications and special education
Individual approach to each client
Ability to solve non-standard tasks
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  Site administration should be performed by a person specializing in this area, since an amateur or a low-level specialist will be able to quickly and irrevocably spoil relationships with clients and partners or mislead them with incorrect information or correct, but not in time.


  The site is the face of the company on the Internet. As you present the site to your clients and partners, so they will treat you and your activity. A professional site administrator is like a manager who takes work seriously, and not a professional site administrator who does not take work seriously. Naturally, the first manager will have more clients and career growth, so site support is necessary if you are serious about your business, the specialists of QFS TEAM studio will be able to make your virtual office attractive, for whom site administration and constant site support are their daily work.


  Site administration from the studio "QFS TEAM" is very profitable! You save a lot if you order the site support service.

  • You save money because the cost of the site administration service costs more than half as much as hiring a new employee.
  • You do not need to provide the site administrator with a workplace and spend extra money on a new employee.
  • You save a lot of time.
  • Full and quick interchangeability (if your site administrator, for whatever reason, did not come to work, he cannot be replaced by a specialist of his own level, in the studio "QFS TEAM", in this situation, one specialist will lure another).
  • Clear and timely relationships.
  • Site support is always on time, otherwise you will get your money back!

  Site support is a voluminous and routine work aimed at maintaining the site's performance at the information and technical levels. Site administration requires care, accuracy, accuracy, punctuality, knowledge of Internet marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, layout, that is, it requires a person who can support the site at a professional level.

  Companies keeping pace with the times have long made their bet on the Internet. Sites of tadata companies, as a rule, occupy leading positions in the rankings of search engines, are always of interest to customers and partners, correctly filled with content and have a high-level appearance. And the main focus of these companies is on the regular updating of information on the website - professional administration of the site.


  Site support is necessary in two cases: with technical support of the site and information support of the site.

Website technical support

  • Daily monitoring of site performance;
  • Creation of backup copies of the site and databases with further storage;
  • Domain name registration and renewal;
  • Website hosting;
  • Creation and support of mailboxes.

Informational support of the site

  • Adding new relevant information to the site;
  • Website content adaptation.

  In addition, you can use the service of creating a detailed Internet report, as well as external site optimization - search engine optimization of the site and advertising on the Internet.
If you want to make your site attractive and profitable, by calling the studio "QFS TEAM" Your desires will coincide with Our goals.


  The cost of monthly site support is compiled depending on the amount of work, the minimum price is 2000 UAH / month.

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