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   QFS TEAM, founded in 2011, is a diversified IT services company. With advice and services, we provide hardware, software, office tools, systems management, cameras, VoIP and web design and development.

QFS TEAM can advise you on how to reduce the cost of securing and protecting your IT infrastructure. QFS TEAM offers solutions for all IT and automation toolboxes.

We are here to help you.
   To help you as best we can, we try to be as diverse as possible.

   High quality hardware is the backbone of a good system or network. QFS TEAM stands for quality and is also satisfied with only quality products for the private and commercial market.

System administration
   QFS TEAM is engaged in business automation and systems management of the IT network within companies. With a full range of IT solutions and personalized advice, support and system management, we make it easy for you as a customer.

   Most people are unaware of what lies behind their organizational communications. If it is well organized, it is not. To ensure it is organized correctly, a good infrastructure is critical.

   QFS TEAM delivers business VoIP telephony: telephony over the Internet for businesses. When using IP telephony, Voice over IP or VoIP, the Internet of another IP network is used for voice transmission.

Security camera
The use of cameras continues to grow and camera systems are being used for large people. QFS TEAM offers affordable camera solutions for both individuals and companies, both indoor and outdoor.

Process improvement
If your company goes through standard processes, this can be done faster. We also pay special attention to this, looking together with you for the best solution that will speed up your business.

Web design
It is important that attention is focused on your company and / or product! Each site, of course, is first thoroughly discussed in consultation with the customer and completely in accordance with your wishes.