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CRM system

   We bring to your attention the online automation service "vTiger CRM"
You do not need to install additional programs, you work with the service in an Internet browser. Access is possible both from a regular computer or laptop, and from a tablet device. Very wide functionality for automating business processes.

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Client base

The CRM system stores information about potential and existing customers, both individuals and organizations. Many contacts are maintained for each organization. Each card in the customer base has a responsible user. Access rights settings allow flexible management of information sharing between employees.

When working with a client base, flexible filters are used for selection and segmentation of clients, search by a combination of any fields. It is possible to send email messages, SMS to clients, as well as communicate in social networks.

Sales management

SalesPlatform CRM allows you to automate and control the entire sales process, from the first customer request to invoicing. The efficiency of sales managers is increased by organizing information on each transaction, quick access to documents, automatic generation of invoices or contracts according to flexibly customizable templates. For the manager, the sales process becomes transparent, KPI indicators of managers are automatically calculated, reports are generated. Automation allows you to increase sales and increase the company's profits.

Customer service

The SalesPlatform CRM system makes it possible to automate customer service using the Customer Portal and the ticket system. Using the Customer Portal, authorized customer contacts can contact your company directly. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Portal features include:

  • Ability to create applications and conduct discussions on applications.
  • Exchange of documents.
  • Billing for payment.
  • Access to the knowledge base.

Work with documents

SalesPlatform CRM provides the ability to download and store documents. The document can be linked to any record in the system, which allows managers to quickly find contracts, scanned copies, specifications and other documents related to a specific client or transaction.

For example, a client has entered into a series of purchases with your firm. A contract in the form of an MS Word file can be uploaded to the system, after which it is linked to the client with whom the contract is concluded, to the deal under which the deliveries will be made, and to each individual order within the deal.


For analytics, the SalesPlatform CRM system provides a wide range of tools, including: reports, sales funnel, KPI indicators.

Reports are built on the basis of any data in the system and can be presented both in the form of tables and graphically.

An analytics tool that no business can do without is a sales funnel. The stages of a typical sales funnel are deals at different stages. Additional funnels can be built on the basis of any other data: calls, requests, invoices for payment, orders.

Integration interface (API)

API is a programming interface that allows you to create, edit and manage data in SalesPlatform CRM. API allows you to integrate with the CRM system almost any software product or service.

Integration with 1C

Integration of the 1C: Enterprise system with SalesPlatform CRM makes it possible to automatically update information about catalogs, goods, services and exchange data on contractors and orders.

Telephony in CRM
(IP telephony)

The SalesPlatform CRM system can easily be connected to IP telephony from various telecom operators. If the client is in the database, then with an incoming call information about him will be displayed with the ability to promptly add comments and statuses during the conversation. The manager can listen to the recorded conversations.

Supported Cloud IP PBX

KPI and employee motivation system

SalesPlatform CRM allows you to analyze the performance of a company and motivate employees to achieve the required results using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs can be calculated for the company as a whole, divisions and individual employees.

Email and SMS mailing

SalesPlatform CRM provides the ability to send Email and SMS messages to both customers and system users. It is possible to send messages in bulk to the customer base, taking into account segmentation, and to automatically send messages by events (change of order status, receipt of payment). Message templates allow you to include individual messages and other parameters in the text

Time planning

The calendar allows not only to schedule calls and meetings, but also to visually display any information that is linked to time: birthdays, dates of goods receipt and payment of bills, project implementation deadlines. Personal calendars of employees and a general calendar of the company are supported.

Task Manager

The task manager is always available in a pop-up window and allows you to see, organize and create tasks for you and other users. With the help of convenient drag-and-drop tasks, you can change their priorities.

Trade management

Deals are the main tool for companies with long sales cycles. The transaction may be at various stages: at the stage of negotiations, awaiting additional information, commercial offer, or has already been completed. Deal stages allow you to forecast sales and analyze the sales funnel.

Order management

The Orders module is suitable for automating companies with a short sales cycle, online stores. Process orders coming from different channels in minutes. You can create an order in a few clicks, select goods and services, fix the order details and issue an invoice to the client.

Rights and roles in CRM

Access to data in SalesPlatform CRM for company employees is flexibly configured using roles and profiles. Roles in the system correspond to positions in the company and have a customizable hierarchical structure. Profiles allow you to control access both at the level of system modules and at the level of individual fields

Integration with the site

SalesPlatform CRM provides the ability to easily create web forms that are used to add new data (orders, requests) to the system through the site. The web form can be associated with a specific module of the system, the results of filling out the form will be automatically sent to the CRM system.

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