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Mobile Application Design

   Mobile Internet traffic is growing, the number of mobile applications is growing, and the development of a mobile application design for Android or iOS has long stood out as a separate line of work at QFS TEAM.

   We closely follow all the innovations in this area and have put together a short guide for you - which we are guided by ourselves, developing a design for a mobile application for any business project.

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Special attention in QFS TEAM is also paid to UX / UI design and design of WEB-interfaces.


  The user is frankly tired of complex and cumbersome applications, elegant simplicity and functionality are in vogue. We do not complicate navigation with bulky elements that cover the entire screen when activated, and we try to hide the menu. The design of an iOS or Android application should be as thoughtful as possible, the user should easily find everything he needs. The UX of mobile applications (User experience) is responsible for this. This refers to the principle and process of developing an application, which is based on user experience. Why this experience is first studied by comparing with similar solutions and testing a prototype. A competent UX app design will increase customer loyalty - and therefore your income.

  When developing an app design, it is important to use icons and symbols familiar to clients - even in the creative rethinking of the designer.

  There are certain unwritten standards that are based on a simple rule: if a user doesn't find what they're looking for quickly, they'll likely delete your app.

  But you shouldn't blindly copy the interface from others either. Therefore, the design of mobile interfaces is a constant balance between uniqueness, attractiveness and recognizability. We at QFS TEAM maintain this balance, so we are trusted to develop the most complex applications - you can see the results in the portfolio.

  Designing an Android or iOS app also involves working very carefully with color and gamut. Background images are usually monochromatic to make navigation and application buttons more visible. Often the general tone of the application is set by the corporate colors of the customer - in this case, they can be lightened if necessary, so as not to overload the small screen with saturated color.


  The design of Android and iOS applications involves thinking through the gestures with which the user works with your application. There are not many such gestures, and the UX designer will have to think about where to apply single and where to double tap, where to use "swipe" to the right or left, scrolling, touch and hold. At the same time, the interface should remain intuitive and have good usability, be comfortable for the user and not annoying.

  And of course, the UX designer needs to think through, and the UI designer in charge of the interface needs to implement the application's integration with social networks.

  After all, a significant proportion of consumers will come from there - from Instagram, Facebook and others. Thoughtful design integration of Android and iOS apps for online stores is especially important.

  It's great if, when switching from a social network that advertises a specific product, the user could order it with one touch. Firstly, this way you will be able to attract customers making spontaneous purchases, and secondly, increase the return. And all this - only with the help of the correct, well-thought-out design of the mobile application, the development cost of which will pay off due to the growth of sales.


  Of course, a good design is impossible without a well-thought-out software part - and vice versa. At each stage of development, they go hand in hand, and the result is a service. Which combines user experience and great design, multiplied by well-used development technologies.

  We at QFS TEAM know how to apply these technologies, and our UX / UI designers create cool app designs for Android and iOS.

  And we know exactly what you need.

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