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Development on KOTLIN for Android

   The Kotlin programming language is used to develop programs and services that run on the Android operating system. Kotlin surpasses Java in many respects, giving serious advantages to the developer and customer of the project.

   QFS TEAM developers create mobile applications for Android in Kotlin language

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  This technology is suitable for a wide variety of projects. Kotlin is used to develop:

  mobile versions of applications for desktops

  corporate mobile services

  applications for e-commerce and other market niches

Kotlin (Android)


  The main area of use of Kotlin is software development for mobile devices. This niche has particularly stringent requirements for functionality, performance and other parameters of the final product. Using Kotlin gives several serious advantages to developers, and therefore to the customers of the project.

  Code written in Kotlin is simpler, which means it is faster to write. This makes it possible to save time and complete the project faster without losing quality.

  Lightweight and understandable Kotlin code is easier to analyze and edit. Thanks to this, programs written in this language are easier to modify.

  Java code is easy to convert to Kotlin. This simplifies the interaction of software written in different programming languages.

  Thanks to the ability to create additional streams. Thanks to this, applications load less on the processor and RAM of the device.

  Kotlin and Java can be used at the same time. This expands the functionality of the applications and allows you to use the advantages of both technologies for the successful implementation of the project.


  The successful implementation of any project for the development of mobile applications for Android OS is the right choice of technology. This is where the work of the QFS TEAM team begins. Our managers and developers study the client's request, the specifics of the tasks that he sets. After an initial consultation, we will recommend a technological solution for the task at hand. It can be Kotlin, Java, or a combination of both.

  When choosing, our specialists take into account a complex of factors:

  cost, client's requirements for functionality, usability

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