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IP telephony

  Telephone communication in modern offices must not only be of high quality and reliable, but also must provide a large number of additional opportunities. That is why IP-telephony is more and more actively winning the market from traditional means of communication. For example, using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to transmit voice signals over the Internet, you can achieve optimal results in domestic and commercial applications.

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  Traditional telephony is losing its relevance, especially when solving business problems. Individuals who actively use the Internet are also striving to switch to IP-telephony in order to save on communication costs.

Principle of operation

  The principle of IP telephony is based on converting analogue voice signals into digital data that is transmitted over the Internet. Upon reaching the addressee, the reverse transcoding into voice signals takes place. Conversion of analog signals to digital and vice versa, as well as compression and transmission are carried out over IP-protocol, which can work with text, sound, graphic and video data.

  Comparison of IP telephony and conventional telephony

  Providing interaction between remote subscribers is a task that IP telephony and conventional telephone communication solve in different ways.

  Thus, the usual telephone communication between both interlocutors is carried out through telephone lines, and audio signals are transmitted through certain telephone switches. IP-telephony technology allows data transmission via the Internet, bypassing a significant number of traditional telephony switches and each time automatically choosing the optimal transmission path. This reduces the load on traditional telephony channels and makes calls cheaper. Thus, we can conclude that IP-telephony technologies are affordable and more profitable compared to conventional telephony.

Asterisk ip telephony. Virtual PBX. Cheap calls.

IP telephony based on Asterisk - Advantage of solutions

  • Lack of regular subscription fees. One-time payment for setting up and connecting ip telephony without monthly subscription fees
  • Flexible scaling of the system with business development is relevant for rapidly growing businesses
  • Individual scenarios for handling incoming calls. Unlike cloud systems, you can customize call scenarios for customer groups in detail, which is especially important for large businesses
  • High resiliency. Even in the absence of the Internet, you keep the connection inside the office of your company and access to the numbers of mobile SIM cards.

IP telephony for online stores

IP-телефон для интернет-магазинов

  • Up to 5 agents-agents
  • Direct multichannel city number
  • Voice Greeting (IVR)
  • Record of all mobile and landline calls (CDR)
  • Transfer, interception, call parking
  • Call from the site
  • Installation on your server or rent
  • Low cost of calls
  • One month of free technical support

IP telephony for the office

IP-телефония для офиса

  • Up to 20 agents-agents
  • Direct multichannel city number
  • Consolidation of several offices
  • Conference call
  • Keeping old number
  • Low cost of calls
  • Voice Greeting (IVR)
  • Call detail and statistics
  • Transfer, interception, call parking
  • Installation on your server or rent
  • One month of free technical support


Ready call center

Готовый колл-центр

  • Up to 60 agents-agents
  • Low cost of calls
  • Integration with CRM
  • Integration with analog PBX
  • Detailed statistics for operators
  • Record of all conversations (CDR)
  • Wiretapping and prompter mode
  • Online monitoring of work
  • Conference call
  • Direct multichannel city number
  • Keeping old number
  • Two months of free technical support


IP telephony Asterisk - Advantage of integration with CRM system

  Client information on incoming call:

  If the caller's phone number is already present in the CRM system, then automatically when the employee calls, the customer card is opened to which this number is linked, the employee immediately sees who is calling him, creating the effect that the company remembers and knows each customer. Which is a huge advantage in a highly competitive environment.

  Automatic creation of new contacts in CRM if the number is not found:

  When the caller's number is not found among the contacts in the CRM system, a card is created with a new contact, which excludes the possibility of "losing new customers" and allows you to update the contacts of an existing client

  History of calls and conversations with the client:

  Integration of Asterisk with CRM allows you to view the call history in the customer card and even listen to the recorded calls. If the client changes the manager now it does not threaten to lose the client!

  Distributes incoming and outgoing calls to performers:

  Linking managers to clients in the CRM system allows you to direct the client directly to your manager if he is free when an incoming call is received

  If necessary, forwards the call to the curator:

  If the client's manager is busy, the call will be forwarded to the curator, who is also aware of work with the client. The simple functionality of integrating ip telephony with 1C: CRM increases the comfort of the client's work with your company even before the call is answered, because he does not have to explain who he is and remember with whom he needs to be connected.

  Integrations with CRM systems are possible: vTiger, 1C, Bitrix24, OneBOX, AmoCRM

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