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  Copywriting is a professional writing of texts for a website, which are aimed at the target audience, taking into account the requirements of search engines. Copywriting will allow users of a web resource to quickly, correctly and positively perceive information, information should be perceived positively not only by users, but also by search engines.

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Any business direction cannot live and develop without information.

  Copywriting is the creation of advertising slogans and texts, a positive image, as well as texts for websites optimized for specific search queries. Copywriting, which is used for search engine optimization, is called seo copywriting.

  SEO Copywriting is the main component in the internal search engine optimization of a site, minus the optimization of the site code. A distinctive feature of high-quality copywriting from a regular and ordered set of keywords is meaningful text aimed not only at search engines, but also at people.

  The most popular type of content management at the moment is copywriting.

  Copywriting is the professional writing of texts for a website that are aimed at the target audience, or at the target audience, taking into account the requirements of search engines. In the first case, copywriting will allow users of the web resource to quickly, correctly and positively perceive information; in the second case, the information should be perceived positively not only by users, but also by search engines.


  Copywriting is not just writing text for a website, but providing information to the user in: easy to understand, required volumes, attractive and correctly presented form. The peculiarities of copywriting are: clearly structured, short, easy-to-read text information, possibly additionally with illustrations, audio and video.
In addition to classical copywriting aimed at manipulating a person, there is seo copywriting aimed at manipulating positions in search engines. Seo copywriting results in leading positions in search engines. Content management consists, in this situation, in the fact that the text should contain keywords (words for which the web page will reach the desired positions as a result of the search). Writing texts optimized for search queries (seo copywriting) allows you to get more attention to a web resource thanks to search engines.

  Developing a website and not giving it enough attention is money wasted! One of the rules of internet marketing says: "The site must be profitable!"


  Using copywriting together with code optimization for the purpose of "SEO" can be very effective, and after a properly optimized page, the site can take leading positions in search engines (TOP-10), which, in turn, will lead to an increase in the number of site visitors , and this is for any resource with commercial purposes - an increase in profits.

  Many leading companies in Ukraine and other developed countries order copywriting services from specialized companies, since they consider copywriting to be the main source of success for their business and the high popularity of their Internet resource, and rightly so! After all, the division of labor is fundamental to a successful business - every single job must be done by a professional.

  A professionally written text has one goal - to work to attract customers.


  Writing a text optimized for search queries, we can say the following: a text written by a professional pr-manager or marketer can only be suitable for magazines and newspapers, a text written by an office manager or other employee who does not know anything about copywriting will not bring any effect at all, but both the first and the second option will not bring commercial disadvantages on the Internet. The text written by a copywriter will probably bring the page to the TOP-10, but, often, it will be difficult to read and understand, and the probability that a potential client, even though he came to the page, will leave it after half a minute is 99.9%. Therefore, the studio "QFS TEAM" employs all the necessary specialists to write texts that will bring commercial benefits. Stylish design, clear interface are excellent indicators of a good site, but without text information everything loses its power, since text is the only source of your visitors' influx. And that's why professional copywriting is always necessary. The better the content of the site is produced (content management), the more effective the result of the site will be.


  In addition to the copywriting service, you can use the service of compiling a semantic core. The semantic core is all the queries entered by the target audience of the site in the search engines, for which internal and external optimization will be created in the future.

  Professional seo-copywriting is a very difficult job, as a copywriter must have not only knowledge of search engine optimization, website promotion, but also the knowledge of writing articles, publications and press releases at the level of a pr-manager! Therefore, in the studio "QFS TEAM" two people work on the texts: a seo-specialist and a pr-manager, which is twice as effective.

  You can order effective and professional copywriting at the QFS TEAM studio from 09-00 to 19-00. Trusting Us You Trust Yourself!


The time for writing the material takes on average 2 days.

  • Classic copywriting 120 UAH / 1000 characters excluding spaces.
  • Classic + SEO copywriting 135 UAH / 1000 characters excluding spaces, including setting up meta tags.
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