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Landing page: soft landing for your future clients

Landing page: soft landing for your future clients



Novice entrepreneurs are sometimes surprised by the offer of marketers to order a landing page for specific products / services. How so: after all, the company already has a website, with all the necessary information, with pictures and prices, why do you need something else? Those who think in this way simply do not know about the possibilities of one-page sites to promote goods and services. In this article, we'll show you how a landing page helps you sell and what it needs to be in order for everything to work.





What is a landing page and what are its features?



Landing page, landing page, landing page, landing page, one-page site are all different names for the same phenomenon. And its essence is that all the necessary information is placed on one page: the user simply scrolls the page and learns everything he needs.



Here are the main features of landing pages:



  • Landing page is dedicated to one product / service or a specific group of products / services.
  • Created for a specific target audience (as a rule, it is narrower than that of a multipage) and contains a USP (unique selling proposition), which is important specifically for this audience. This one-page site makes it clear: "We know about your problem and will help you solve it."
  • The purpose of a landing page is to encourage a visitor to take a certain action. Therefore, the action button (buy, order a call, etc.) is always in sight here.
  • When creating a landing page, a lot of attention is paid to design - the emphasis is on getting the user interested and captivating. The purpose of the page is to effectively convey to the client the very essence of the proposal, for this he must look at several screens of the landing page. And if the design is not up to par, then the user is likely to leave immediately without scrolling down.



What is the difference between a landing page and a multi-page site?



Imagine you want to take an online French course. As a result of your searches, you are interested in two sites:
1. Multi-page website of the school of foreign languages with many tabs and detailed information: all languages that can be learned here, cost, schedule, teachers, opportunities to study offline and online.
2. A one-page site, where, as you immediately understand, we are talking about online French lessons, the conditions of classes are described, answers to frequently asked questions, information about the teachers and the cost are given. And also there is a button "Get a free lesson".



Most likely, you will prefer the second option: after all, here you received answers to all your questions and saw a proposal that is exactly suitable for solving your problem. This example illustrates the capabilities of a landing page. However, if you want to check the reputation of an online school, you will most likely search the web for its multi-page site. And if it does not exist, then you are unlikely to want to contact this organization - it will seem dubious to you. This is what the vast majority of users would do. Multi-page sites are more presentable and inspire more credibility, while a one-page site might suggest that there is a one-day firm behind it. That is why a self-respecting company always has a main website, and also orders landing pages for certain goods or services.



In the table we compare the features of the two site options:





How is the work on the creation of the landing page going? Experience "SoftExpert"



In theory, a landing page can be done by one person using existing platforms with ready-made templates. However, the result is likely to be disastrous. If you want customers and sales, order a landing page from a professional team. In the SoftExpert web studio, this team includes the following specialists:



  • Marketer;
  • Copywriter;
  • Designer;
  • Layout designer;
  • Programmer.



The marketer begins this work. He studies the terms of reference from the client and the products that the landing page will be devoted to. At this stage, our marketers communicate with the customer, finding out all the nuances. After analyzing the market niche and competitors and having defined the target audience, the marketer proceeds to create the landing page structure (prototyping). At this stage, he needs to understand:
- what problems the target audience will "respond" to the landing page;
- what meanings he will convey;
- in what style will it be executed;
- what blocks will include.



This is not an easy job, on which, in fact, the entire success of the project depends. If you skip this step, all subsequent actions can lead to a dead end.
The structure is formed - and a copywriter, whose task is to write “tasty” texts, and a designer, who is responsible for a unique style, come to the stage. The designer creates vector or pixel graphics or generally draws pictures by hand, selects fonts, photos, gifs and other elements. If a designer has sufficient experience and skill level (like ours), then the resulting result will be at the same time appropriate for a specific product (service), eye-catching and literate from the point of view of usability.
And, finally, the layout designer "collects" the landing page together. Final stage: the site is shown to the client in a test version and, if there are no comments, is posted on the Internet.
At each stage, we communicate with the client, coordinate our actions with him, develop options that the customer would like and, at the same time, would work to generate leads (requests) on the landing page. It is not always easy to find such options, but our specialists cope with it.



Why are our landing pages effective? On the example of Intelcom



The company "Intelcom", which is engaged in ensuring information security, turned to us for the services of a comprehensive website promotion. Among other events, we offered the client to create landing pages for three key areas of the company's work and direct traffic from contextual advertising to them:





If you study these one-page pages, it will become clear that in each specific case a unique selling design was developed, a special style of landing page design was selected. Let's analyze this using the example of a one-page page dedicated to protecting critical information infrastructure In communicating with the client, we found out that potential customers of this service often do not understand what works are included in the task pool, what exactly and in what sequence is being performed. The situation is also complicated by the fact that the legislation in this area is constantly changing and being finalized. That is why it was decided to explain what exactly is included in the service (block "Our services"), give a step-by-step description of the work (block "Stages of work"), and also answer the most popular questions (block FAQ).



Information security (IS) audit:




Sale of electronic digital signature (EDS):




Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CII):



Two other landing pages created for Intelcom were also worked out in such detail. When the landing pages were ready, our specialists launched contextual advertising. We also used ads on search engine results pages and contextual media advertising on search engine partner sites. Moreover, our designers have created unique banners for display ads. During the advertising, the main KPIs set by the client were achieved. The flow of applications on the subject of "EDS" has significantly increased The landing page turned out to be so successful, conversion, that it was decided to separate it into a separate site.

For complex complex and expensive services, such as "KII Protection" and "Information Security Audit", a sufficient number of leads were received in within these very "young" directions in the market.



The key to the effectiveness of the landing pages developed by us is as follows:



The structure of the landing page is developed by a marketer, focusing on the maximum conversion;
A team of specialists is working on the project;
We create not a template, but a unique selling design;
We develop our own style for each of them;
We constantly analyze the effectiveness of contextual advertising.




Below you will find a few more examples of landing pages that our team has worked on. If you liked them, call or write - we will do no worse for you!




Date of publication 24.08.2020
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