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Setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure Krivoy Rog

In 2011, four IT professionals and enthusiasts created QFS TEAM to provide their customers with an excellent service. Our goals are to listen, be transparent and tell the truth to our clients. QFS TEAM offers you outsourcing or subcontracting services. This is the perfect solution to help you focus on your business and save a lot of money.

Work experience - over 10 years
More than 1000 satisfied customers
Member of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce
High qualifications and special education
Individual approach to each client
Ability to solve non-standard tasks
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The subscription service of QFS TEAM Company in Krivoy Rog city includes such services

Installation and maintenance of computer and office equipment, office equipment.
Administration, setting up the company's website.
Maintenance of computer networks (installation, adjustment, troubleshooting, including Wi-Fi networks).
Administration, setting up a VPN enterprise.
Ensuring the health and safety of the company's computer network.
Installation, configuration and updating of office and application software (MS Office, etc.).
Technical support and user assistance.
Maintenance of those documentation and reporting on the work done.
Administration, setting up 1C.
Administration, setting up Bitrix24.
Laying local networks.
Connecting and configuring various types of printers to Windows OS.
Installation and configuration of video surveillance systems.
Block computer repair.
Administration of the data backup system.
Setting up protection against hacking and data encryption.
Mikrotik / UniFi / Cisco network equipment settings.
Administration, setting up Google Workspace.
Installation and configuration of Linux OS for workstations.
SQL administration.
AD setup.
Administration of equipment in data centers.
Perform routine and emergency repair work on network equipment.
Dealing with inquiries from external and internal clients.
Participation in internal projects (network development, connection of new locations, introduction of new equipment, automation).
Administration, setting up enterprise telephony.
Ensuring the functionality of electronic locks.
Administration and technical support of the internal server room.
Support for business users
Setup and configuration of various Enterprise equipment and solutions
Remote management of network infrastructure
Setting up monitoring systems based on Zabbix and other self-written solutions based on UNIX
Setting up and supporting various UNIX-based company services
Finding and solving network imbalance problems
Setting up and maintaining IP telephony
Training and support for new employees
Solving a variety of problems for client companies, mainly mail servers: passing mail, deleting spam lists, localizing and catching spam bots in corporate networks.
support for corporate ticket system, urbackup centralized backup, group of qemu/kvm host servers
Setting up a group of dedicated servers, project deployment, devops: centos, nginx, php-fpm, mysql, exim
Construction and support of high-loaded PHP clusters, load balancing, search for "bottlenecks", replication, setting up monitoring of load and availability of projects with SMS notification, administration of the development server.
Creating a website with a product catalog (PHP, MySQL)
Development and implementation of an internal corporate information portal;
Creation of an information system for recording telephone conversations
Linux cloud storage administration
Administration of 1C accounting (basic)
DBMS administration experience
vTiger CRM system administration
Asterisk IP telephony administration
Constant updating of software, purchase of new equipment, maintenance of office equipment.
Working with Printers
Hosting support. Registration and renewal of domain names, servers. Installation of SSL certificates.
Minor repairs of equipment, in the absence of the possibility of self-repair, delegation to partners.
Implementing and administering an enterprise password manager

Outsourcing, subcontracting, IT outsourcing - QFS TEAM Company Kryvyi Rih

In 2011, four IT professionals and enthusiasts created QFS TEAM to provide their customers with an excellent service. Our goals are to listen, be transparent and tell the truth to our clients. QFS TEAM offers you outsourcing or subcontracting services. This is the perfect solution to help you focus on your business and save a lot of money.

Difference between outsourcing and system administrator

We talk about outsourcing when a company trusts an IT service provider to perform or manage one or more activities related to its work. This operation must be carried out within the framework of the contract. In our context, you turn to a specialized service provider to entrust the management and maintenance of your computer equipment.

In general, outsourcing is the process of transferring to a third party all or part of the activities that were previously performed within the company. It is determined by both a long-term contract and separate packages of services of a system administrator on the field.

Outsourcing in the field of IT consists in delegating IT tasks that the company is not able to perform on its own, or it is more profitable to transfer a remote system administrator than to keep a full-time system administrator on staff. It is always carried out in the form of a one-time contract.

Through subcontracting, the client contributes to increasing its productivity. Even the most complex tasks will be completed quickly. Thus, he will complete a large amount of work in record time.

The IT service provider or subcontractor is a specialist in their field. And they have more extensive knowledge than the system administrator in the state. Also, the cost of a field system administrator is much less than keeping a full-fledged human unit in the company's staff.

What is the role of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a form of outsourcing applied to information systems. It is defined as the result of integrating a set of elementary services.
Outsourcing aims to entrust all or part of the customer's IS (information system) to an IT service provider in accordance with a contract with a service level (service level agreement) and a specific duration.
Outsourcing can be of several types:
- global outsourcing
- outsourcing of applied solutions
- infrastructure outsourcing

Entrust your IT equipment to QFS TEAM professionals Kryvyi Rih to reduce your budget

By entrusting your computer equipment to an expert, you get a solution that is easier to implement and manage on a day-to-day basis. The service provider takes care of everything: settings, tests, maintenance and management of computer equipment. IT system outsourcing (full outsourcing or subcontracting) allows you to refocus on your business. The experience and economies of scale achieved by the service provider enable companies to reduce their IT costs. It also helps you avoid unexpected expenses and stay on budget. You can plan your expenses as efficiently as possible with a subscription-based contract that is not limited in terms of assistance and incident resolution.

Managed by professionals

You will not need to allocate resources to manage your entire IT infrastructure and security and backup solutions. You will need to rely on service providers who specialize in these areas and offer services that are tailored not only to your needs, but also to the needs of your customers.

Protect your business and IT infrastructure in particular with QFS TEAM system administrators Krivoy Rog

In order to contract outsourcing an IT service, you need to define the goals for incident resolution. The principal specifies in the specifications his requirements regarding the duration of the intervention. The customer and the service provider (IT outsourcer) together determine the level of the SLA. This service level contract formalizes the quality and speed in question by establishing various contractual terms of intervention. Both parties undertake to abide by this document.
In case of non-compliance, the customer can contact their outsourcer for clarification and consider a fine. For example, reducing the price of an outsourcing service.
Reliability and constant availability of IT services and applications are the most important factors in the development of your business.

Outsourcing with QFS TEAM field system administrators in Kryvyi Rih

First, we carry out an IT audit, which allows you to list and analyze your company's IT equipment. This allows you to take inventory of your IT infrastructure and your information systems.

The main purpose of an IT audit is to identify weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

A computer park or an unsuitable computer system are obstacles to the development of your company. It is critical to be able to rely on a healthy and efficient IT infrastructure. Hardware, operating systems, software and computer networks may be upgraded or replaced to achieve optimal performance levels.

The main points of IT audit:

Network Infrastructure Analysis
Determination of the efficiency of the computer park and your servers
Determining the Security Vulnerability of Your Computer Hardware
Learning backup management

Here are some examples of points that it is important for us to identify during the audit:

critical importance
- view server backup policy
- know and regain control of all your IT equipment
- study of the cost and stability of the Internet provider

Average importance
- plan the migration of old servers
- implement password management

low importance
- optimization of user sessions
- Wi-Fi homogenization for better coverage

Examples of our work
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