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Development on SWIFT for IOS

   Applications created in the Swift programming language are fast and secure.

   It is the Swift language that is used to write applications for smartphones, laptops, servers running Apple operating systems. It is optimized for developing complex business applications, and the language compiler is optimized for maximum performance and speed.

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  Besides, this technology is very convenient for developers. Because writing Swift code in a sandbox makes it possible to see the result immediately, without having to compile it first.

  The language implements many programming patterns that are designed to help the developer avoid common mistakes. For example, automatic memory management is implemented, and error handling allows controlled recovery when needed. Variables are initialized before they are used, and integers are checked for overflow.

  The main principle behind Swift's syntax is that the simplest and most obvious way is always the best. For six years now, this language has been actively developing, replenishing with each version with new features and becoming more and more convenient.


  The mobile app market is very competitive, so the winner is the one who creates the best product as quickly as possible. And for these purposes, Swift is the best fit. Here are five key advantages of the language over its closest competitors:

  increased security - you can create the most secure applications on Swift;

  high speed of development, which allows you to reduce costs and time to bring the product to market - Swift's performance is close to that of C ++;

  low cost of maintenance of the application after the release - it is easier to update and integrate additional functions;

  Better readability of the code due to simpler syntax, the code is generally shorter;
open source - this increases the potential for using the language on various mobile platforms.

  The main distinguishing feature of the Swift language in comparison with all its predecessors is the speed. The most productive applications for the iOS operating system are developed on it. At the same time, Swift remains one of the safest languages thanks to its improved syntax. Working with memory is implemented in such a way as to leave a minimum number of loopholes for unauthorized access to it. An efficient and simple implementation of error handling minimizes critical errors and scripts.

Development in Swift for IOS


  QFS TEAM has extensive experience in developing mobile applications for iOS. The team consists of a staff of Swift and Kotlin programmers, designers, business analysts, BackEnd programmers, as well as mobile application testers with at least 5 years of experience.

  If you have any questions about your business startup or project, we are ready to advise you and offer you the best choice of platforms and technologies.

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