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Design of social networks

   Increasingly, people began to resort to the Internet to search for goods or services, because today the level of trust in advertising has decreased, so every company must present its business on social networks. Creating and actively maintaining a group on a social network is a completely different approach to business development, which helps to increase traffic, increase company awareness and form an image.

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Designing social networks for effective promotion

Comprehensive promotion of your company in social networks. We design, administer and promote companies. We will conduct a free audit of an existing page

Modern page design

   Why is it so important to pay special attention to the design of the page on social networks? When opening a group or profile on the Internet, the first thing people pay attention to is the appearance of the page and the convenience of posting information. Within just four seconds, a person makes a decision to stay or leave the page.

   The design of a group in a social network should correspond to the corporate identity of the company, the theme of the brand's activities and design rules. If the design of the group looks bad and unprofessional, then this can serve as the origin of a biased or even negative attitude towards the company.

   We are able to create such a design page design that will correspond to the direction of your business, style features and wishes.

LinkedIn group

   Comprehensive group design development: creating an avatar, developing a cover and connecting buttons for communicating with subscribers

Facebook page

   Making a new or upgrading an old group with filling in the profile with important information, creating an attractive banner and avatar

Instagram profile

   Complete design of the Instagram page with the development of a single style solution and the creation of an individual corporate identity for the company

YouTube channel

   Designing the header and avatar of the channel, editing videos and adding appropriate animation, preparing video descriptions and meta tags



Is your existing page well designed?

Leave a request and we will conduct a free audit of your existing page. We will evaluate the design of the group, the content and outline a work plan for more effective promotion.

Maximum efficiency from promotion

   For various lines of business and personal pages, we offer the most effective promotion in social networks and Internet sites to use all the tools of Internet marketing.


   The most popular social network with over 38 million daily active users. The social network is dominated by a solvent segment of the audience with an age of 35-64. Therefore, LinkedIn is a unique and most effective tool for promoting a business and building a company's image.


   More than 1.7 million users use Facebook daily, and according to statistics, this social network has gained popularity among an older audience, so it has become the best option for presenting and promoting companies from the B2B market sector


   The fastest growing social network with over 14 million daily users, and the platform's emphasis on visualization, makes Instagram the ideal tool for creating high-quality and engaging company content.

YouTube channel

   The most popular video hosting in the world and the second most visited site in Russia, which provides users with the opportunity to watch videos, communicate, create their own content with further monetization of creativity and advertising of goods or services using banners and embedded advertising



Design for your social network

   We offer the creation of a complex design for pages in social networks. Considering the intricacies of promotion, design trends on the Internet, fashion trends and modern approaches to the design of social networks, we know how to create a page design that will combine a modern approach, conciseness and convenience.

Avatar design

   Creating a group avatar with image rendering in a graphics editor or upgrading an existing image

Post banners

   Drawing banners for posts and for the group header, forming a single and recognizable corporate identity of the company

Advertising and promotional posts

   Development of selling texts for posting and advertising campaigns, provision of profitable and promotional offers

Screensaver for video

   Preparing a high-quality intro for a video, creating animation, editing a video and preparing a video for publication

Videos banners

   Creation of animated and video banners with interchangeable dynamic images for posting in a graphic editor

Profile completion

   Filling the page with necessary and useful information, creating a full-fledged and “live” group that is interesting to users

Relevant for Instagram

   Create custom covers for current saved social media stories that match your avatar and overall profile style

Hashtag selection

   Selection of relevant hashtags for publications with a choice of low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency hashtags to promote publications



What forms of content exist?

   The design of a social network only catches the attention of users, but in order to truly capture the attention of people and get them to subscribe, you need to offer content that will be interesting and memorable for the audience.


   Content that describes a service or product without a direct sale, as well as reviewing the news of the company or the scope of the organization


   A detailed description of the product or service, informing about promotions and the range of the company with a call to action


   Content that enhances the authority and demonstrates the experience of the company: customer reviews, recommendations and wishes of customers


   Humorous content that can entertain the reader, various cat memes, funny gifs and viral content



Thoughtful brand development

   Increasingly, people began to resort to the Internet to search for goods or services, because today the level of trust in advertising has decreased, so every company must present its business on social networks. Creating and actively maintaining a group on a social network is a completely different approach to business development, which helps to increase traffic, increase company awareness and form an image.

Company reputation

   Representing a business on the Internet allows you to quickly solve emerging problems, select reviews and answer questions from the audience

Image formation

   Proper creation of a positive image helps the company to find the target audience and build brand awareness.


   Social networks allow you to quickly respond to feedback, wishes or negative feedback from users, providing the most prompt advice.

Additional advertising

   Providing additional advertising channels with lower cost and the ability to target a specific target audience

Powerful promotion of your business

   We offer a comprehensive promotion of Instagram pages and groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, which includes the targeted use of targeted advertising and the creation of high-quality, informational and selling content.

Design of social networks

   Designing a profile on a social network, creating a banner and an avatar for the page, as well as a preview for the video

Maintaining social networks

   Thoughtful maintenance of the page, the formation of a content plan and the posting of news corresponding to different forms of content

Launching advertising campaigns

   Increasing audience coverage by launching targeted advertising, attracting leads and increasing company awareness

Texts for networks and platforms

   Using article marketing as a means of promoting a company, demonstrating expertise and increasing an interested audience



Why QFS TEAM is your choice?

   QFS TEAM has been supporting and developing companies from various market sectors for more than 7 years, and the accumulated experience allows us to demonstrate a high expert assessment in the development and development of each project. The accumulated portfolio of the QFS TEAM company testifies to the great demand for services among small businesses and large players in the world market, known to everyone.

We are responsible for the quality!

   We guarantee each company:


   We follow constantly changing trends in the field of Internet marketing, offering customers the most effective solutions


   We provide an integrated approach to business promotion, we are ready to provide a wide range of services for the gradual development of your company

Experience and Expertise

   We know the desires and needs of your target audience, thanks to our experience and expertise

Personal manager

   Full support of the project by a responsible manager, informing about the results of work and assistance with promotion

Comprehensive development of social networks

   We offer comprehensive management of social networks with competent page design, development of designer banners, content plans and profile promotion through advertising campaigns.

Acquaintance and TK

   You contact us, tell us about your company, describe the target audience, outline requirements and fill out a short brief

Sphere Analysis

   We start working on your project, analyze the scope of the company, study competitors, draw up portraits of the target audience

Page design

   We start designing social networks, taking into account the wishes or corporate identity of your company, we create a banner and page header

Page maintenance

   We draw up a content plan and fill the profile with high-quality, useful and selling information that can interest and involve the audience

Running ads

   Based on the preferences and needs of the audience, we draw banners and write selling texts to launch targeted advertising

Analysis of results

   We connect the metric, constantly analyze the audience and the results of advertising campaigns, and, if necessary, perform optimization

Examples of our work
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