At QFS TEAM, we develop customized mobile apps. From a small competition application to a large automation application for your company. We focus on special designs with smart animations. This makes your application enjoyable for users.

   When you work with QFS TEAM, you can count on mobile app developers and online marketing experts. From a small competition application to a large application for your internal operations, our application developers will bring your idea to life.

Why was the mobile application created?
   For example, to increase the number of conversions and increase sales. QFS TEAM makes your services and products available at any time thanks to mobile applications. Developing a mobile app enables more interaction between you and your employees or customers.

   The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed. Some of your site visitors are almost merged with their smartphone or tablet. On average, about 20 apps are installed on their device. And they spend 85 percent of their time on their smartphones in mobile apps. We, of course, react to this.

What does a mobile app do for your business?
   Our seasoned app developers and online marketing experts make your company's services or products available through the app. Or develop your innovative idea in a mobile app. In addition, our mobile apps support and automate certain functions in your company.

Do mobile apps work on all devices?
   We optimize the development of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones. Our mobile apps work on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. In short: everything that falls under the category of "mobile devices". There are two types of mobile apps:

   Native app: you install this app on your mobile phone or tablet. Downloading native apps is done through an app store such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can access the application by clicking on the icon on the screen. The native application  is optimized specifically for the operating system of any mobile device. Thus, the connection and "collaboration" with the mobile device is ideal. And this naturally improves the usability for your customers or employees.

   Hybrid apps: A hybrid app is a combination of a web app and a mobile app. You install and download this application in the same way as a normal application, but in reality it is a web application inside. After all, we make them using Javascript, HTML or CSS. With hybrid apps, as opposed to native apps, you don't need to develop a separate app for each mobile device or brand. With the latest technological developments, they are also getting closer to the usability of native apps.

Guidance from initial concept to launch and promotion
   Are you convinced of the usefulness of a mobile app? Well, let's get started. We will guide you from A to Z. Step by step. We chat first. We want to get a clear idea of ​​what purpose you have in mind. Then we develop your mobile application, take care of the launch and promotion. This way you work together with one central partner at all stages of the process.