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Website promotion in Google

  Website promotion on Google is a long and laborious process that can lead to an increase in the site's position in the search results, which will ensure an increase in the number of interested visitors to the site, and as a result, an increase in the number of customers.

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  Today, the vast majority of traffic (about 85%) is search results using specific words or phrases (they are called keys or keywords) in the Google search engine. No other type of advertising, including advertising in print, radio and television, is capable of delivering such overwhelming results. In addition, this option is also the most affordable financially.

Pros of website promotion in the Google search engine

  By investing in website promotion on Google, you can get:

  • Interested users only

  Advertisements that are shown on TV or radio reach all viewers or listeners. When promoting the site, only the interested group of users will be covered, that is, those who are interested in the goods or services of your market niche;

  • Significant growth in traffic on a web resource

  Increasing the number of website visitors is not only an opportunity to get new customers, but also allows you to retain existing customers;

  • Familiarity with the brand and building trust in it

  By promoting your web resource in one of the most popular search engines, you can successfully form your image on the Internet. If you pay due attention to your reputation, you can not only increase confidence in your business, but also get new customers;

  • Affordable cost

  Compared to the cost of other types of advertising, promotion on Google is a more profitable financial investment. In addition, its results are more durable;

  • Profit growth

  By increasing the visibility of your site in the global network, you can get a larger number of potential customers, and therefore, increase your profit..

How Google works

  When looking for information of interest in the global network, the search is not carried out throughout the entire web, but only among sites indexed by Google that were suggested by bots:

  • Google bots are constantly checking the global network for new web resources or for updated sites;
  • Google collects a large selection (index) of web resources;
  • To organize the selected results, search engine algorithms use more than one hundred different indicators (ranking factors);
  • Organic results include not only a well-organized list of web resources, but also images, maps, news, and more.

How pages are promoted on Google

  Promotion of a web resource on Google is not a one-time campaign, but a carefully thought-out and well-developed strategy that includes a whole list of cyclically conducted actions.

Industry analysis - audit of a web resource

  Advantages and disadvantages

  Each and SEO analysis developed by us is individual and prepared specifically for a specific web resource, however, the following issues are resolved:

  • Web resource visibility audit;
  • Re-linking pages and removing duplicate pages;
  • Determining the speed of loading a web resource and testing the site for the quality of its display on mobile devices;
  • Audit of program code;
  • Checking the uniqueness of content on landing pages;
  • Audit of titles and description tags;
  • Audit of descriptions already posted on the web resource;
  • Checking the uniqueness of the content posted on the site;
  • Development and optimization of new content;
  • Indexing check;
  • Checking the txt file;
  • Checking the map of the web resource;
  • Assessment of internal links and indexing;
  • Audit of language versions of the site;
  • Analysis of incoming links and other types of work.

Keys and content

  Keys (keywords) are specific words or phrases entered into the Google search bar to find the information, service or product you are looking for.

  A well-conducted audit of the keys will be an excellent basis for further successful actions to promote the site in the search engine. If you do not conduct a qualitative analysis of keywords in time, then a situation may arise when the site is already among the leaders in search results for some keywords, but the promotion does not bring the desired results.

  Copywriting is a service that consists in creating and preparing quality content for publication on the desired site. Content can be presented in various formats: articles, news, guides, etc. SEO copywriting is the preparation of content that will be convenient for search engine algorithms.

Technical optimization of a web resource

  Technical optimization, which is carried out as a preparation of the site for its further promotion in Google, allows solving the following issues:

  • Determining the quality of internal links. Will search engine bots be able to use internal links to determine the importance of content?
  • Reducing the loading time of website pages: what can be changed to speed up the loading speed?
  • Optimizing a site for mobile gadgets: are the optimization requirements put forward by Google being met?
  • Information architecture: is there a correct, logically consistent and flat hierarchy of web resource pages?
  • Crawl Optimization: Are search bots looking at relevant pages on your site to crawl them?
  • Indexing management: how to ensure the highest possible indexing of a web resource (key: XML Sitemaps)?
  • Duplicate content: how well canonical tags and 301 redirects are applied?
  • HTML optimization: has the web resource program code been optimized?

Link building

  Strong domain

  Work on building a link mass and creating a link profile are very important stages of work in the implementation of promotion on Google, since the search engine bots very carefully analyze the quality of links, their number, and also check the authority of donor sites.

  Working with links is a rather lengthy and laborious process. When working with links, various marketing activities are carried out only on those sites that have proven themselves well, and the company's own developments are also used.

  Link quality and link weight are the most important criteria used when evaluating links. Only links with maximum characteristics will be safe for the promoted site.

Monitoring, reporting, responding

  We keep our finger on the pulse

  This stage is described as the last one, but it is not final, since monitoring of all activities is carried out from the very beginning of website promotion. It allows you to track changes in the state of the site and its visibility in search engines.

  Monitoring is carried out by external and private tools, thanks to the use of which I have the ability to respond in a timely manner to negative changes on a web resource, technical problems or changes in visibility that were caused by shake-ups in the search engine market.

  Reporting = consultation

  Speaking of reporting, we mean providing consultations and holding meetings with the customer, as a result of which we can timely make changes to the activities carried out and the developed strategy.

  Website promotion on Google is a very complex process with a large number of different stages, and the duration of each of them is influenced by many different factors. Among others, these:

  • The size of the web resource;
  • The level of competition in a given market niche;
  • Current site positions;
  • Domain name history and its current state;
  • Google algorithms;
  • Competitive activity.

  If you are interested in promoting your site on Google, you can fill out a special application form on our website or simply contact our consultant by phone (the numbers are indicated on the site) or in the online chat. Entrust the promotion of your site on Google to the specialists of QFS TEAM, and the results will exceed all your expectations!

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