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Website promotion in Yandex

  If we talk about the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, then the most popular search engine here is Yandex. Therefore, the search engine optimization of the site is relevant for those businessmen who offer goods and services to residents of the post-Soviet countries. The volume of traffic in these countries to Yandex accounts for 40 to 60% of the total. These numbers make those who are interested in these markets ponder.

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Ranking factors in Yandex

  In this search engine, the link mass no longer has its former influence. The main factors that can affect the position of a site in Yandex search results are:

  • Optimization of the technical part of the web resource - the site must meet all the requirements of this search engine, the bot must be able to access the promoted page so that it can scan its content and determine its quality and relevance;
  • Website content - the quality of the content is of great importance. Superiority is given to those web resources that can provide more useful information on various search queries on a specific topic;
  • Site region - quite often users search for regional web resources. In this case, Yandex offers the user those sites that have a similar regional location as the user who entered the request;
  • Commercial sorting factors - if there are several sites that provide fairly complete information, then the search engine will determine the more reliable from them. The following factors can affect the trust of a search engine in a web resource: information about the organization (company), cost, offered terms of customer service (terms of return of goods, delivery options, various payment methods), customer reviews, etc.;
  • Behavioral factors are those actions that users perform on your site, for example, whether the user was able to find the information he was interested in, whether he returned to the site from the search results. In recent years, the search engine has paid particular attention to these factors.

  Most often, a site that has high positions in the Google search system will rank well in Yandex. But there are still some search engine optimization factors that can have a significant impact on your rankings. Yandex's SEO approach is defined as technical, reliable and long-term. But it is worth noting that the progress here is slower than in Google. But still, promotion in Yandex gives its positive results.

Advantages of website promotion in Yandex:

  • The search engine is easy to use;
  • The level of competition is lower in both regular and paid search;
  • The algorithms are less complex, so the site is easier to optimize;
  • Pay per click on paid search is lower;
  • If the site takes its rightful place in the Yandex search results, it will be able to enter the results of another search engine popular in the Russian Federation - ru;
  • Yandex indexes Russian-language sites better than Google;
  • If penalties were imposed on the site, then it is possible to contact the search engine's technical support service to receive a quick response to resolve the current situation.

Search engine promotion in Yandex includes the following actions:

  • Market niche and competitive environment audit;
  • Key audit;
  • Promotion by positions;
  • Advertising in Yandex.Direct;
  • Monitoring and reporting.

  Before proceeding directly to the promotion of the site, its comprehensive audit is carried out. This stage will include the development of the semantic core, the determination of the keys necessary for promotion, and those moments that hinder the promotion of the site will also be found. Taking into account the size of the site, its subject matter, the number of competitors in the market niche and the current position of the site, we can say that the audit can be carried out within a month.

  The next stage of search engine promotion in Yandex is the optimization of the program code and text content. Without this, effective promotion in the search engine is impossible. At this stage, programmers and copywriters work as much as possible. They will have to work hard for 1 - 4 weeks.

  After a comprehensive audit and optimization, the promotion itself begins: advertising publications and articles containing links to the promoted site are posted on third-party and thematic resources. Such actions increase the visibility of the site in the search engine.

  Monitoring is carried out to assess the quality of the results. In this case, the reference point is the rating of a web resource in the search results for the required key queries. SEO promotion is a cyclical process in which all the steps described earlier are performed in a specific order. This is the only way that SEO specialists can react in time to changes in site positions in case of changes in the algorithms of the search system. At the same time, the program code of the site is regularly optimized, unique and relevant content is created and new promotion methods are used.

  Of course, Yandex has some similarities with Google, but still it has its own rules and requirements that must be met if you want to advance in this search engine.

  If you are interested in search engine promotion in Yandex, then our company QFS TEAM is ready to help you in this matter. It is easy to start cooperation with us: you can write or call us. All contact details are on our website. Trust search engine optimization professionals if you want it to be successful!

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