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  The creation of a corporate logo for each specific market segment has visual differentiation, and therefore the trends in the choice of color, typography and shape are noticeably different. Product branding, corporate branding, restaurant branding, online store or retail retail - in each segment, the way the logo is executed and the working methods used by the agency are limited.

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  Logo - the original typeface of the name of the company, firm, product, which helps to recognize the brand in a competitive environment. The brand name, easily recognizable among the graphic images of dozens of other companies, becomes for the buyer the main identifier of quality and brand trust. The development of a logo is a paramount task when building a brand's visual identification system, reflecting its strategy, building a unified graphic system. The specialists of the branding agency "QFS TEAM" are engaged in professional creation of logos and registration of trademarks.

Logo design cost

  The development of a logo is the basis and foundation of the visual identity of the brand, thanks to which its integrity and unity is achieved. Such an important element plays a decisive role in shaping the positioning of the company and its further development in general. The cost of developing a logo directly depends on the amount of work, the number of design concepts, the need to develop a corporate identity and the logo's guidelines.

What influences the creation of a logo

  The logo (trade mark) is the most replicated element of the corporate identity of the brand, which is constantly in sight. Because of this, the design of the trademark must be distinguished by a unique font and graphic solution, and must have the correct color scheme. Each brand is individual, and therefore the creation of a corporate logo is also individual, which is influenced by several factors at once. It has been scientifically proven that people better perceive and remember visual information, as a result of which logo design plays the role of "entry point" in the brand's marketing strategy. The corporate logo is a quality mark that is recognized and remembered, inspires confidence, and distinguishes the brand from the whole variety of competitive offers. A professional logo, as one of the brand constants, must create strong associations between the brand and its unique characteristics. The specificity of each brand determines the individuality of the logo design solution.

Market segment

  The segment in which the business exists and develops can be distinguished by special visual codes. Codes that are accepted by both market players and buyers. It is not worth moving away from them, because the visual inconsistency of the category can negatively affect the demand for the product or service from the consumer. Building up from key competitors and not losing categorical features is a difficult task that the best specialists and agencies can cope with.


  Positioning determines the niche in which the brand exists, as well as the main vectors of its development. A unique brand idea becomes the basis of a sales proposition from which values, character, reasons to believe, benefits and other intangible attributes grow. The visual image of the brand and, in particular, the design of the trademark, must correlate with the strategy, highlight its unique features and sales proposition.

The target audience

  The consumer is the main participant in the market that creates the demand for products and services. The buyer is fickle, emotions rather than logic often become his driver to buy. In order for a brand to meet customer needs, remain popular and generate value, there is a need for appropriate visual attributes, especially logo design. Professional logo design is understandable to the audience visually and semantically, evokes the necessary emotional response, and influences rational thinking.

Logo creation rules

  When creating a corporate logo, it is important to get an original graphic image that will not resemble the closest competitors. To do this, at the beginning of the work, it is worth organizing a study of the market and the closest industry competitors.

1. Creating a composition

  Composition determines the construction and arrangement of logo design elements in relation to each other. The correct compositional solution helps to develop a logo that scales well for corporate identity media and effectively interacts with them. The balance and logic of the relationship between graphic elements conveys the idea and character of the brand. An important rule to follow when designing a logo is “less is more”, because simplicity is synonymous with successful design.

2. Choosing a font style

  Typefaces, calligraphy and lettering are used in many elements of visual identity to enhance the semantic and emotional component of the brand through compositional and plastic solutions. Choosing an original style is a fundamental task for a logo and its design. It is the letter composition that determines the style and character of the brand, sets the tone for its communication with a potential audience. Often, the character of a font can be memorable enough to be used in isolation from other visual elements.

3. Color coding

  Color plays an important role in the brand's visual communications. The color scheme has an emotional impact on the consumer when choosing a brand, product or service. Customized color palette in logo design creates a special mood and feeling. The rules for creating a logo do not distinguish between good and bad colors, but each segment has its own characteristics. The consumer is already accustomed to the fact that companies in each area use the generally accepted number of shades. This approach helps to identify the brand with its scope. Color is also a reflection of the price and quality positioning of a brand, along with a host of other metrics.

4. The uniqueness of the visual solution

  Logo design doesn't have to be overwhelmed. Contact with the consumer can take place at any point, and the best remembered are laconic and understandable images. The graphic solution of the corporate logo should reflect the idea of ​​the brand and at the same time meet the criteria of uniqueness, ease of reproduction in large and small forms. Visual metaphor can play into the hands of a company - a bright idea that can be easily perceived, attracts potential buyers. A positive perception of the graphic part of the brand creates the same positive connection with the brand itself. Uniqueness - is an integral part of the legal protection of the brand and registration of the logo as a combined Trademark.

Logo performance criteria

  The logo is used on corporate brand media - business documents, advertising and communication materials, in the Internet space, transport, packaging and uniforms of employees, etc. The logo should be simple for easy reproduction on media and instant memorability, without excessive graphic elements and redundant visual techniques. A truly effective logo design meets a number of fundamental criteria.


  The result of developing a brand logo should be a modern and original graphic sign that reflects the brand's personality. Logo design is a complex creative process in which you need to find the right solution that attracts attention with its originality and simplicity. There is an opinion that uniqueness is achieved by congestion and many meanings reflected in the logo. This is the wrong approach, which leads to graphical noise and makes the logo difficult to perceive.

High associativity

  Associativity means that when creating a logo, the artist selects an image for the graphic part that first of all appears in the mind of a potential consumer when the brand is mentioned. The brand can also be given new deep meanings by putting them directly into the logo design..


  A logo design should comply with one of the main graphic principles - laconicism gives the greatest efficiency. The visual form is of fundamental importance, and the simpler it is, the better the logo will be for perception, memorization and reproduction. A laconic logo has a high potential for scalability and use on the most complex media, from outdoor signage to the smallest souvenirs.


  Every company strives for growth and development, and therefore one cannot be completely sure that the brand will not outgrow its logo or even its name, becoming something more. The process of developing a logo should take into account possible changes in the organization and potential growth prospects, business scaling, introduction of additional assortment positions, development of new market segments. The right logo should not create artificial obstacles to the development of the company.


  The concept of brand positioning should become the basis for creating a logo and corporate identity. The professional logo is based on and fully corresponds to it, reflects the main values, unique selling proposition, benefits and RTB. So the potential consumer will have the right associations and expectations from the brand. The entire logo design and corporate identity must be consistent with the context of their market segment, clearly reflecting the uniqueness of the company or product, which gives it maximum strength and effectiveness.

Logo design for company, store, restaurant

  The creation of a corporate logo for each specific market segment has visual differentiation, and therefore the trends in the choice of color, typography and shape are noticeably different. Product branding, corporate branding, restaurant branding, online store or retail retail - in each segment, the way the logo is executed and the working methods used by the agency are limited. Each project begins with an analysis of the market situation and the competitive environment of the brand in order to build the right strategy for creating a logo and the right brand differentiation.

Company logo design

  The development of a company logo is the first step in creating and individualizing the corporate brand image. It is especially important to highlight the values, benefits and features of the brand that will be transmitted in communication with potential and existing customers, partners, employees through the logo. A company's logo design should reflect the corporate code on which the visual strategy is built to make it stand out in the market.

Online store logo design

  The design of the logo for an online store will exist not only on the Internet, but also on very real physical media - clothes, packaging, signs and transport. Because of this, it is especially important that an online store logo design is functional and scalable, easily and clearly reproduced, has a high level of differentiation and individualizes the brand.

Shopping mall logo design

  The design of a logo for a shopping center or other large-scale retail format must simultaneously effectively draw attention to the brand, be remembered, and reveal the positioning and advantages of the brand. At the same time, the design of the shopping center logo should organically integrate into interior and exterior solutions, make the brand noticeable both in the urban environment and in the information space.

Logo design for restaurant, cafe

  Each restaurant or cafe has its own character, which should be conveyed by a large sign with a logo on it. A good restaurant logo design must be able to effectively convey the atmosphere of the restaurant. Sometimes restaurants design a logo based on a national cuisine focus. The typography, color and shape of the logo design play a decisive role in this.

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