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SEO audit of competitors

  If you run a business on a global network, then you must be prepared for the fact that you will always have a lot of competitors. But even in such a situation, you can find good things: you have a lot of opportunities to be among the first, leaving your competitors behind. To achieve such results, a high-quality audit of the competitive environment should be carried out. Based on its results, it will be possible to build a really effective strategy for website promotion on the Internet.

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Conducting an audit of competitors allows you to:

  • Find flaws in the existing website promotion strategy and fix them;
  • Determine the nuances and possible "chips" for the site that can interest visitors;
  • Identify new opportunities for the effective promotion of a web resource bypassing competitors.

   Professional SEO audit of the competitive environment makes it possible to build a well-thought-out strategy for website promotion, which will be developed based on the experience gained by your competitors. Our company Astronavt offers a deep and comprehensive SEO audit of competitors. Such an analysis is recommended to be carried out at the initial stage of website promotion in Google. A competently conducted audit of the competitive environment will enable your web resource to successfully grow and develop, bypassing its competitors on steep turns of business.

Why is an audit of the competitive environment necessary?

  The first thing for which the audit of the competitive environment is used is to understand what methods and tools competitors use for their promotion. In addition, such an audit allows you to get an idea of ​​the situation within a given market niche, see the gaps and advantages in the promotion strategy, find out in more detail how competitors are doing their business, identify non-surface promotion methods that at the moment can significantly speed up the process. promotion. SEO audit of the competitive environment allows you to understand where your business occupies in the market niche. The adoption of certain strategic decisions regarding website promotion will also depend on this information. Also, on the basis of the data obtained, the formation of the semantic core and the determination of the subsequent stages of work aimed at increasing the ranking positions of the site will be carried out.

How are potential competitors identified?

  Target competitors are identified as follows:

  1. The first stage of work includes activities to identify potential competitors' web resources. In order to avoid a large number of various mistakes when developing a website promotion strategy, the maximum collection of information about sites that operate in the same thematic market niche is carried out. Potential competitors are those web resources that offer their visitors products or services similar to yours. In addition, competitive sites are those web resources that appear in the search engine results for the same key as your site. In other words, at this stage, our specialists identify all possible competitors of the customer's business;
  2. At the second stage, work is carried out to determine the target competing web resources. We conduct a thorough analysis of all sites to find those that are currently competitors for certain key queries. Our experts determine what positions the competitors are in at the moment, and work out a detailed strategy to get around them.

What is considered when performing a competitor analysis?

  • The current position of a competitive web resource in the distribution by key requests;
  • The amount of traffic for targeted requests;
  • Significance of individual thematic keys;
  • Indexed pages of a web resource;
  • The volume of the link mass and the weight of the incoming links;
  • Content quality and optimization.

What types of work are carried out during the audit of competitors?

  As soon as the list of competitors is finalized, our specialists begin to conduct a deep and thorough audit of each. It is carried out both in manual mode and using special services and tools. In general, competitor analysis consists of the following stages:

  1. Analysis of architecture

  A web resource that has a well-built architecture will move faster in search engines. For this reason, when auditing competitive sites, we determine how correctly and logically the architecture of these sites is drawn up and check the following criteria:

  • what types of pages are available on the site;
  • how correctly the division into categories and subcategories was carried out;
  • are there filters, various labels, etc.;
  • whether pages have been linked;
  1. Conducting content analysis

  We check the quality of the published content: how optimized and unique it is. In addition, we check if a competitor's site has a blog or a separate section where information useful to visitors is published. An assessment of such texts is also carried out (how informative, readable, relevant, unique and how much they are). This information will help create better text content for the customer's site;

  1. Internal optimization analysis

  This stage includes work on determining the quality of the internal optimization of the web resource: whether meta-tags, headings are registered, whether there are organically inscribed keys in the texts on the promoted pages, whether graphic or text content is optimized;

  1. Analysis of the web resource interface

  The analysis of the appearance of various pages is carried out - the main page, product cards, catalog sections, etc. We evaluate the quality of the design and its perception by users, the readability of the posted texts, as well as how easy it is for the user to interact with the site, how correctly the key elements are placed, whether there is template optimization a web resource for various mobile gadgets;

  1. Analysis of functional elements

  When auditing the functionality of a competitive web resource, we check the following elements: the area of the site where users can write their reviews, blocks where information about delivery and payment is posted, an advisory online chat, etc. This data allows you to identify the most popular and effective elements that need to be installed on the promoted site.

  If you want to promote your website, leaving behind your competitors, order SEO audit of the competitive environment in our company QFS TEAM. We are ready to answer all your questions online or by phone. All contact details are listed on the website.

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