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  Search engine optimization of a site is also SEO-site optimization, "site promotion" and "site promotion" - this is a sequential set of actions to increase the importance of a site for search engines and increase the given site positions in search results. Now search engine optimization of the site is necessary for every site, which implies to bring profit to its owner.

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  If you look at all the successful companies that occupy leading positions in their field of business, then these companies have sites that are not idle on the Internet, but occupy leading positions in all popular search engines, bringing significant profits!

  CEOs of companies keeping up with the times are well aware of what search engine optimization is, how great the competition is in modern business, and the popular saying: “If you are not on the Internet, then you are not in business” - they understand literally. The demand for goods and services in the global network, and, accordingly, the turnover of Internet resources has now increased to unprecedented heights. And therefore, most of the cash flows go precisely through the websites of those companies whose management understands the effectiveness of search engine optimization.

   Search engine optimization according to the principle: "I came, I saw, I won!"
Came: You started a business and found your niche in business.
I saw: We signed an agreement with the studio "QFS TEAM".
Won: Your site gets to the TOP, and you receive a reward for this in the form of profit.

   Website promotion in search engines is a very effective form of advertising on the Internet. The Internet today has become the fastest and most affordable way to find and obtain the information you need. The number of Internet users is growing, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of sites and competition between them for the first positions in search engines.


  The phrase "Search Engine Optimization" comes from the English-language phrase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and means a set of measures affecting external and internal factors (external and internal optimization), the result of which is the achievement of higher positions of the site in the search engine. Since the Russian language is multifaceted, in Russian-speaking countries, search engine optimization is usually called as website promotion and website promotion. Website promotion is the most effective way to attract potential customers, as this process brings the site to a leading position in the search engine, which will lead to customer growth.


   Search engine optimization of a site is a slow process that requires serious preparation and analysis. In most cases, the achievement of the desired positions for keywords in search engines occurs within 3-4 months after ordering a website promotion. In some cases, when a site was developed quite recently or was blacklisted by search engines after unprofessional website promotion (spam) and was sanctioned by search engines, website promotion will take on average 6 months from the date of ordering the site's search engine optimization.


   Website promotion is not an easy process, and therefore, NEVER engage in website promotion if you do not have the skills or your skills are not at a high level. Independence in this case is not needed and can serve as “self-liquidation” for the site and can lead to the fact that your site will no longer be indexed by search engines, and it will not exist for them. As a result, you will lose your time or the time of your employees, money, and most importantly, you will pay less attention to your main work, which can lead to negative consequences.


   Search engine optimization for the specialists of the studio "QFS TEAM" is a daily task that always reaches its goal and therefore experience and reliability will allow us to confidently offer you a return on money spent on search engine optimization.

   Search engine optimization of a site in some cases is called seo-optimization (seo-optimization), as well as site promotion or simply website promotion on the Internet, but all of the above definitions mean only one thing - a site in leading positions.

Main directions:

  • Increasing link mass
  • Increased traffic

  Specialists of the company "QFS TEAM" offer additionally during the promotion of the site to order the service of contextual advertising, since contextual advertising will instantly increase the number of visitors to your site. If you have any questions about search engine optimization, call and you will get answers to them.
Studio "QFS TEAM" is open from 9-00 to 19-00, excluding weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

  High-quality and necessary website promotion is characterized by high returns in the form of an influx of new customers and an increase in profits.

  Website promotion by “QFS TEAM” studio is a competent investment of money in your business!

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