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  A social network is an interactive multi-user site, the content of which is filled by site members. Social networks unite around themselves a huge number of Internet users, from hundreds of thousands to several million, there are networks with a specific topic, without thematic affiliation.

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  Social networks are created for communication or acquaintance between users, as well as to inform each other about events. Website promotion with the help of social networks is an individual approach and for each poet, his own list of popular social networks is formed for high-quality website promotion.

  Social media is visited by thousands and sometimes millions of people every day and is therefore well suited for many online marketing operations.

What can you do with a social network?

  • create and popularize a source of operational information for clients and potential clients;
  • stimulate sales;
  • attract the attention of a large number of potential customers to a brand / topic with a clear link to the target audience for various reasons - age, gender, interests, status, education, etc .;
  • receive feedback from the audience and communicate directly with your customers - to increase consumer loyalty;
  • neutralize negative information about the brand on the Internet;
  • increase quality traffic to a corporate website.

  Internet marketing specialists of the studio "QFS TEAM" will quickly and effectively increase the popularity of your services and products in social networks.
Millions of people will see your ads on social networks!


  The cost of complex website promotion in the most popular social networks is 2600 UAH.

  VK, Facebook, Instagram - everyone knows that today millions of people are sitting in them. And the owners of every modern business understand that creating groups in these social networks is a real opportunity to attract new customers.

  The audience of VKontakte is young people who are actively interested in fashion, sports, modern culture, games and many other things. Facebook is home to representatives of social and creative professions, aspiring and highly paid professionals, bosses and their subordinates. The number of Instagram users is constantly growing, covering new segments of the population, spheres and horizons. Using the possibilities of social networks, you can attract the attention of people, increase your popularity, and increase sales.

  But it is not enough just to open a community and accept everyone there. In order for the group to be interesting for the target audience, it needs to be kept up to date and developed. The community on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte simply needs content management, and it must be professional!


  This means that the support of groups in social networks must be effective, constant, worthy, carried out only by "white" methods, and even more - only in popular social networks such as Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, - other social networks. networks may not provide the desired result. A content manager is simply obliged to love the community "as his own", to be interested in its successful development, to strive to improve it.

  Are you interested in social media promotion? we can help you in the promotion of existing groups.

  We offer you such a responsible assistant. Support for groups in social networks is a core service of the QFS TEAM studio. We will provide high-quality content management of the online store's representative office in VK, we will adequately position the brand on Facebook, and we will be able to constantly increase your popularity on Instagram.

The support of groups in social networks by the qfs team is

  1. A comprehensive promotion strategy on Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, developed just for you, taking into account your current tasks and looking to the future. All plans, promotions, contests, polls, events will be aimed at achieving one goal - your success.
  2. Effective advertising on social networks, increasing CTR and, in principle, increasing your awareness with the target audience. And this is with constant monitoring and analysis of the campaign, timely tracking of changes and prompt adjustments.
  3. The maximum variety of actions to support the group in social networks: filling photo and video albums, writing news, articles, comments, creating votes, discussions, polls. We do our best.
  4. Active interaction with the target audience: correspondence with community members, answers to questions, and so on. People who join the group will definitely make sure that you want to communicate with them, that you can help them, and this will result in your success.
  5. All control functions over content management are in your hands. At any stage of the group's support on social networks, you can check how it is being carried out. Plus, we prepare detailed reports - all the details of our work will be reflected on paper.

  Separately, we note that QFS Team has flexible prices for content management. The cost of community development services always objectively depends on a number of key factors and therefore is negotiated and agreed upon in a separate order. But you can be sure that with QFS TEAM, every ruble of the budget spent on supporting a group on Facebook, Instagram or VK will pay off.

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