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Creation and development of an Image site Zhytomyr

   An brand site is a site whose main task is to create a positive impression of the owner through visual design. Both large companies and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, and even individuals can act as customers of image sites.

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   Such sites should look presentable or, in other words, “expensive”. Starting from the start page, the visitor should understand that the owner of the site is successful in his business, his company is reliable and wealthy, and working with it is the ultimate dream of many. Interesting and effective solutions, as well as a sophisticated corporate identity and the absence of any templates are an integral part of the success of branded sites.

   To achieve the desired result in such projects, all kinds of visual effects are used: 3D graphics, complex photorealistic collage, flash animation, and the like. It is extremely important to avoid any excesses, because, for example, the abundant use of flash animation has an extremely negative effect on the speed of page loading and on the overall impression it produces. In other words, it is important to strike a precise balance. Also, when developing a design, it is important to use the corporate style of the client company, as this will help increase brand awareness.

   Also, do not overlook the convenience of using an image site, because without optimal usability, even the most beautiful project will not be able to keep visitors for a long time. And if appearance can be called the first impression, then usability is the second and no less important impression. Thus, special attention should also be paid to the organization of the intuitive structure and navigation of the project.

   From the point of view of the structure, here a lot depends on the wishes of the client and the functions that he would like to assign to the site. In this matter, image sites can resemble business card sites, with a minimum set of functionalities, and practically not be inferior to corporate projects in which wide functionality is provided by several levels of access.


   So, the simplest image site will contain the following sections:

   "About company". A section that describes the history of the company's creation, work experience and advantages, the most significant achievements, important partners or clients.
"News". The section in which news about events in the company is posted.
"Services and prices". This section serves as a kind of showcase and is designed to acquaint visitors with the company's offers.
"Gallery". Depending on the wishes of the clients, in this section, you can post both images of the work performed, and photographs of employees or photo reports from various events.
"Contacts". This section can contain both a list of contact details (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, addresses of the head office and representative offices, etc.), as well as an interactive map and contact form.

   However, the number of sections can be changed or supplemented. In order to provide convenience in site management, from posting, editing and deleting information and ending with its optimization, it is necessary to connect the CMS management system to it.

   Despite the fact that a branded site in functionality may resemble a business card site, in terms of cost and development time, it significantly surpasses similar projects. On the other hand, it is not worth saving on the company's image, and a high-quality image site will be the best way to help find new customers and produce their due

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