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Creation and development of a corporate website Kiev

   A corporate website is a full-fledged representation of a company on the Internet. It contains complete information about the company, services or products that it offers, and the like. The main difference between corporate websites and business card websites is in advanced functionality as well as possible integration with the internal systems of the company.

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   Since the capabilities of corporate sites are much wider, then, in addition to the informative function, it can also be effectively used in the management process. So, using a corporate website, you can easily solve a set of tasks for setting up interaction between different branches of the same company or between partners, organize access to internal databases and much more. For customers, in addition to such traditional functionality as contact forms or interactive maps, it is possible to integrate a forum or a book of reviews, a registration form, a personal account, and the like.

   Thus, in addition to such classic sections as “contacts”, “about the company”, “products”, and the like, a number of additional ones are added to the structure of the site, designed to make the site more interactive. For example, it is possible to add a section "reviews and recommendations", in which customers can leave their impressions of working with the company, "questions and answers", in which company employees will be able to provide advice and answer questions asked by visitors, as well as "news", in which they regularly post news of the company or about areas related to its activities. However, it is important to remember that if updates on a business card site can be done quite rarely and in small volumes, then the corporate site must be updated regularly, because if employees do not answer the questions posed for a long time, and the latest news will be dated last year can lead to the loss of potential customers and cause mistrust among partners.


   Before starting the development of a corporate website, it is necessary to do serious analytical work: from studying the activities of the company and ending with the analysis of the websites of competing companies. The results obtained are used in the development of technical specifications, which describe all the requirements for the site.

   Particular attention is paid to the content management system, because it is the CMS that provides the ability to add, edit or delete materials not only for developers, but also for company employees. Also, work on the design of the corporate website is going on separately, because it is it that is primarily appreciated by visitors. So, the design should be not only attractive and consistent with the corporate style of the company, but also intuitive and follow the principles of usability. It is very important to make the site unique, both in terms of appearance and content. That is why copywriters are used to write texts (whether it be product or service descriptions or corporate news).

   Upon completion of the work, special attention is paid to the testing process, because the presence of any errors or flaws can spoil a positive impression on visitors and cause significant damage to the company's image. Also, the use of prohibited methods of promotion is unacceptable, since this can put an end to the fate of the site (up to its exclusion from search engines), and also cause severe damage to the company's reputation.

   The main customers of corporate sites are large companies whose requirements exceed the capabilities of ordinary business card sites. At the same time, the field of activity of the company can be anything, it is only important to have the financial ability (after all, a beautiful and functional site is quite expensive), as well as the desire to engage in the development of the site.


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