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Creation and development of Landing Page (One-page site) Zaporozhye

   A landing page or landing page (from the English landing page) is a specially designed page of the site, which is designed to encourage visitors to perform a certain action: purchasing a product, signing up for a subscription, ordering a service, and the like. However, not everything is so simple, because today there are several types of landing pages, each of which has its own specific characteristics.

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   So, among the types of landing pages, there are advertising, landing and viral pages.

   Target landing pages are created to collect and analyze the target audience of a service or product that a company offers. These pages contain brief information about the offer, as well as a questionnaire, which includes only the main points. As a result, the company receives information of interest to it, which can be used in developing a marketing strategy. An offer of a discount or gifts from a company can motivate visitors to the page to fill out the questionnaire.

   Viral landing pages do not contain open advertising of the product, but are intended to increase its awareness and popularize it among potential customers. As a rule, viral pages contain an article, video or small game with hidden advertising of a product or service and are actively disseminated via email or social networks by mailing.

   Separately, it is worth talking about the most common type of landing pages, namely, advertising landing pages, because they are of the greatest interest to companies. Thus, an advertising page has a clearly defined structure and includes a headline, several visual elements, short text descriptions and calls to perform one or another action. The location of the main elements is variable, but should meet the requirements of usability and search engine optimization. However, there are a number of rules to follow when designing an ad landing page:

   The title on the page and the call to action must be clearly visible
There should be no more than one direct call to action per page
The text should be concise, understandable and structured
If the text can be replaced with a diagram or an image, then the text must be discarded.
The images are bright and colorful, but not distracting from the main task of the page


   Also, regardless of the type, landing pages can be standalone, attached to the main site, or be a microsite.

   Stand-alone landing pages are usually separate pages with a detailed ad offer.
Landing pages attached to the main site replace one or more pages (for example, the main page or service pages).
Accordingly, microsite landing pages are separate sites that consist of several pages and contain information about a product or service. By the way, they are often confused with business card sites, although the main difference is that the task of a business card site is rather to familiarize oneself with the company, while landing pages are aimed at selling a specific product or service.
Thus, it becomes obvious that landing pages are a universal means for promoting and advertising both old, long-established products or services, and for promoting and testing new ones.

   Landing pages can be used to advertise anything from apartments in residential complexes to handmade toys, from new bank lending systems to theatrical performances.


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