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Creation and development of On-line services Ivano-Frankivsk

   Despite the fact that the Internet became public only recently, today it is almost impossible to imagine life without the Internet, especially since at present access to the Internet is possible not only from stationary devices, but also from mobile devices. And if earlier it was necessary to stand in a long queue at the bank to pay for the receipt, to search for a book had to go to the library or bookstore, today all of the above and much more can be done on the Internet.

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   Online services are sites that provide all kinds of services, which greatly facilitates the work and allows you to significantly save time. With the help of such sites on the Internet, you can do anything: conduct monetary transactions, communicate, search, store, edit, send and publish information, and much more.

   Despite all the variety of sites and services that they provide, online services can be divided into the following main groups, depending on their topic and purpose:

   Information retrieval. These resources are designed to find the information you need. These include not only search databases, but also online libraries with books, music or films, various catalogs and reference books, as well as online translators.

   Social. This group includes all kinds of social networks, online communicators, as well as electronic mail services. With the help of such services, you can not only communicate with people, regardless of their location, but also conduct business correspondence, send files and much more.
Shopping services. These resources are intended for purchasing things or ordering services. This category includes not only online stores, but also services for ordering and booking tickets (from theater to railway), hotels and much more.

   Banking services. With the help of such resources, you can pay for a purchase or service, for example, an order in an online store, or even pay for utilities, without having to visit the bank personally.

   Road services make it possible to quickly plot a route regardless of the method of travel, assess traffic congestion on the roads, get information about the duration of the trip, and the like.


   Also, online services are both paid and free. On a paid basis, after completing the registration procedure and paying for membership, the user gets access to the services that this service provides. It can be like access to watching movies online in high quality, the ability to download books and much more. Free resources offer their services free of charge and often do not even require registration. However, the quality of these services is often much lower than that of paid services.

   When developing an online service, the main focus is on its interface, as it should be intuitive for users and also load quickly from any device. For example, users often use road services while on the road and download them on smartphones or tablets.

   Developing your own online service can be of interest to representatives of any industry. Also, they can be either completely independent units or supplement the main site of the company. For example, on a corporate website, you can place a page with an online service for ordering a service or purchasing products offered by this company.

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