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Creation and development of the Portal Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd)

   In short, portals are the maximum amount of useful information, interactive services, convenience for visitors in one site. Portals are very rich sites where you can find everything you need: news, author blogs, polls, search and postal services, and much more.

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   Currently, there are two types of portals: public and corporate. Public portals are aimed at all Internet users, and corporate portals - at the internal space of the company: employees and partners. In addition, portals are also divided into several types: international, regional, horizontal and vertical.

   International portals are targeted at all users, regardless of their place of residence and language affiliation.

   Regional portals focus on users based on their geographic segment or language group.

   Vertical portals are dedicated to one topic. However, the topic can be anything: education, history, cars, fashion, children and the like.

   Horizontal portals cover many topics at the same time. For example, information or entertainment portals, and so on.

   Thus, a portal can be of one type, but several types.

   Portals have a complexly branched structure, since they include dozens of sections, hundreds of subsections, thousands of pages and millions of links. From the point of view of sections, this question is purely individual and directly depends on the type and type of portal. For example, a business portal may contain the following sections: a block with a company description, a news block, thematic reviews, background information, a consulting block, newsletter subscription, industry specifics, and an ad block.

   It is important to understand that portals are significantly different from other sites. They contain a huge amount of information, including multimedia, which is realized by storing content not in databases, but in storages and data marts.


   In addition, such volumes impose additional requirements for navigation, because it should be convenient, intuitive, and allow you to quickly navigate through the sections and find the necessary information.

   What are the advantages of portals?

   Firstly, due to regular updates and high-quality content, self-promotion in search engines and social networks is possible.

   Secondly, the more popular the portal, the more people who want to place advertisements on it, by writing advertising articles or placing links and banners, which can bring significant income to the site owners.

   Thirdly, such a project can be an excellent start-up for those who work on freelance, since it does not require an office space and allows all participants to work remotely.

   However, the disadvantages of portals are significant and the first of them is high competition and difficulties in finding a suitable niche. The second drawback is the rather high cost of producing your own content, because until visitors start adding information themselves, the site will have to be constantly updated at their own expense. The third drawback is the large staff. Believe me, it is impossible to cope with a large portal alone. And the larger the portal, the more people will be needed.

   Summarizing the above, we can say that among the customers of Internet portals you can find both individuals who want to start making money online, and large companies who would like to make their brand more recognizable with the help of the portal.

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