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Creation and development of a Promo site Nikolaev

   Starting a release of a new product or launching a new product offer, companies do their best to gain customer loyalty and recognition, as well as to expand the circle of regular customers or customers. Of course, any novelty, be it a product or service, needs advertising. Actually, they create promotional sites to promote new offers.

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   Promotional sites are separate pages that are created specifically to advertise and promote new offers or brands.

   Such pages contain comprehensive information about a product or service, its advantages and features, and also encourage visitors to purchase this product or order a service.

   Unlike other types of Internet resources, promotional sites do not have a single structure. The main attention is paid to design, because the main task of the promo-site is to attract maximum attention and sell the product. Thus, such pages often use a large amount of flash-animation, 3D graphics and visualization, high-quality product images and even overview videos are posted. Also, shopping activity is stimulated with the help of various interactive applications, for example, the ability to view the product from all sides by controlling the viewing angle of a three-dimensional image with a mouse, and the like.

   As already mentioned, promotional sites are often separate pages with a link or a redirect function to the main site of the company. However, if a company specializes in offering only one product, then a promo site can theoretically function as the company's main site. However, it is not worth doing this, since the promo site is rather limited in terms of functionality and, as a rule, contains a minimum amount of information about the company, still focusing on the proposed product.

   Particular attention is paid to the promotion of the promo site. And in this case, unlike other types of Internet resources, the emphasis is not on slow promotion in search engines, but on viral and contextual advertising.

   For viral promotion, an element is added to the promo site that may be of interest to the largest number of visitors: an online game, a video, and the like. By placing a link on social networks, the promo-site quickly spreads and each new visitor becomes a potential buyer or customer. The lifespan of a promo site also depends on the activity of the promotion, which can range from 2-3 weeks to several years.

   Apart from the promotional features, promotional websites can also be a great way to test promotional offers. Due to the quick launch, it becomes possible to create several pages that differ in the promotional offer or the conditions for the purchase of goods. After the launch, marketers track which page more users have responded to and the most popular offer becomes the main one.

   Quite often, promotional sites are confused with landing pages or landing pages, and they even claim that they are the same thing. However, the main difference is that landing pages focus on promoting the company, while promotional sites advertise a product or service.

   Thus, the scope of application of promotional sites is diverse. With their help, you can conduct an advertising campaign for any product or service or test the loyalty system. Such projects are perfect for both small and medium-sized businesses and large companies.

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