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Creation and development of a business card site Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovograd)

   Nowadays, having your own web presence on the Internet is one of the main ways to promote your business. The variety of such representative offices is amazing: there are modest personal pages, large corporate resources, and information and entertainment portals. However, in the event that a company is just starting its promotion on the Internet, then the best option would be to develop a business card site.

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   So, a business card site is a small site that consists of several pages (from 5 to 10) and contains only basic information about the company: its name, type of activity, contact information, and the like.

   The main difference between a business card site and other resources is its purpose, not its format, because it is designed to give the visitor the necessary information about the company and its offers.

   Thus, the standard sections of a business card site will be as follows:

   Information about the company. The history of the company's development, its main successes and achievements, information about the most significant customers or partners, and the like can be displayed here.
Catalog. This section includes a list of goods or services offered by the company, indicating their cost and main characteristics, but without the possibility of placing an order directly on the website
Contacts. In addition to the standard indication of phone numbers, addresses and e-mail, business card sites are often supplemented with functional modules, such as a contact form or an interactive map.
Portfolio. A list of successful projects with a list or a detailed description of the work performed, can be made in the form of a gallery


   From the point of view of design, it is necessary to remember that a business card site must contain elements of the corporate style of the company, as well as the name of the company and its logo. However, from the point of view of style, there are no restrictions: a business card site will look equally good both in a classic style and in an Art Deco or hi-tech style.

   When it comes to administration, it is better to resort to a content management system rather than using pure html code. The content management system allows you to quickly and easily update the content of the site, add and edit information, as well as remove outdated and irrelevant content. It is important to remember that even if the company does not need to update information too often, it is still necessary to do so, since the site that is not being updated looks "dead" and raises serious suspicions among potential customers.

   A business card site has a lot of undeniable advantages, among which it should be noted that it is an excellent tool for advertising. So, in addition to promoting the site directly on the network, it will also be possible to indicate it in the signature of emails or on business cards of employees.

   Thus, potential customers will not be lost, because they can go to the site and get all the necessary information at any time convenient for them, and not only during the company's opening hours. Also, with the help of a business card site, it becomes possible to promptly inform existing customers or partners about, for example, product updates or new promotional offers without resorting to mass mailing of emails or calling.

   Among the customers of business card sites you can find not only private entrepreneurs, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, such as travel agencies, construction companies, wedding salons, private clinics, and the like, but also large enterprises and organizations that do not need accommodation and frequent updating large amounts of information. The fact is that from the point of view of advertising, a business card site is no less effective than other types of web resources, but its development will cost the customer much cheaper and it is quite easy to deal with its administration.


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