A little about the company "QFS TEAM"

   The company "QFS TEAM" was founded in December 2011 as a studio engaged in the creation and promotion of sites. Over ten years of work, the studio has turned into a system integrator with more than 50 employees and implements the entire range of tasks related to IT and business on the Internet.

   At the moment, we are applying an integrated approach to the development of turnkey projects, taking into account all the factors that affect the business efficiency of the resulting tool. Our scope of work includes all types of work, from planning to support and development of the project.
A distinctive feature of the work of the company "QFS TEAM" is the initial consulting, which we provide to clients free of charge before starting cooperation. When receiving a task, our specialists assess its potential and not only offer several options for its implementation, but also present satellite projects that can lead to synergy of the resulting project.

The structure of the company

   The company is based on a modern business model, which implies outsourcing of all non-core work to professionals. The core of the company is our full-time employees, specializing in analytics, consulting, business management and promotion.

   The office is staffed by project managers, business analysts, advertising specialists and account managers, as well as key technical specialists.

   The task of the main staff is to design, formulate tasks, coordinate the work of remote specialists and control quality.

   About 100 remote specialists work with us on a regular basis, whom we attract from the largest freelance exchange, where QFS TEAM is a top employer, having on its account a maximum of projects, positive reviews and the highest summarizing rating. About 100 more people are attracted one-time, for specialized projects.

   This approach has shown high efficiency; to obtain a high-quality result, well-coordinated work of narrow specialists is needed, whose employment in the office has no practical meaning. Take the design of a typical website, for example - an art director, creative designer, illustration and icon designers, and a technical designer and user interface specialist should work here. Working with "multi-machine tools" does not always give a result comparable in quality to samples in the industry. Specialists of a narrow profile do their work segments perfectly, but we ensure the coherence of their work.

   This also achieves a reduction in the cost of development, it becomes possible to flexibly manage deadlines, to perform fractional tasks in parallel.

Work format

   To leave a request for cooperation, it is enough to fill out the form on the website or call by phone. You can outline the future project right now and attach the necessary files.

   The application will go to the responsible manager, who will determine how effective our help will be. If a positive decision is made, the data on the project goes to the business analyst, who will draw up a commercial offer and send out questionnaires to clarify the tasks and features of the project.

   When agreements on cooperation are reached, we will develop and present a project concept, the agreed version of which will form the basis of all future work.


   We strive to make the pricing process transparent and understandable to the client. You pay exclusively for the time spent by our employees, according to the work schedule.

   The pricing policy pursued by our company fully reflects our own model of professional management, as a result of which, at the moment, our proposals are absolutely acceptable.