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Available virtual servers

SSD disk 20 GB
RAM memory 2 GB
Traffic 1 TB
IP address 1 piece
CPU 2 Core
Core 3 Ghz
Price per month * 230 UAH

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Work experience - over 10 years
More than 1000 satisfied customers
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VPS is a service within which the user is provided with a virtual dedicated server. The technical implementation of a VPS is based on dividing the resources of a physical server into a number of virtual servers. Managing a VPS is identical to managing a physical dedicated server. In particular, you get: root access to the server, your own IP addresses, ports, traffic filtering rules and routing tables.

How is VPS hosting different from regular hosting?

  • The difference between VPS and standard virtual hosting is in the guarantee of the resources available to the installed sites. A virtual server always has a guaranteed minimum capacity that does not change from the load on other sites on the physical server. Additionally, the VPS can use more resources if they are not currently requested by other VPSs.
  • The VPS owner gets full root access to the directories and resources of the virtual server, being able to install any software, development tools or daemon programs on it. The installation of the operating system (at the option of the customer) is carried out by specialists from, but after the final testing and configuration, the owner of the VPS can configure the system on his own.
  • The client is not responsible for the physical server provided to him, on the basis of which the VPS operates. In case of any technical problems with the equipment, they will be solved by the specialists of
  • The physical servers of the provider "QFS TEAM" use the most modern technology of hardware virtualization XEN. Hardware virtualization allows you to use all the capabilities of modern processors at full capacity, as well as install absolutely any operating system on a VPS.
  • By ordering and paying for a VPS, you can use a fully configured virtual server in 10 minutes. The entire installation and activation process is carried out without the use of operators, so the time of the order does not matter.
  • Physical servers are located in the largest data center in Ukraine, with a wide channel to UA-IX and to the world. The data center is equipped with modern ventilation and fire extinguishing systems, has two independent power inputs.
  • We do not charge additional fees for exceeding traffic, but we reserve the right to limit the channel speed to 100 Mbps in the following cases:
    • The server uses more than 30 TB of traffic per month.
    • The ratio of outgoing traffic to incoming traffic is less than 4: 1 at any of the parities.
  • VPS are based on modern servers with AMD EPYC processors.
  • Access to the VPS is provided via ssh and vnc.

VPS server technical support

  • Installing an operating system from the list of available distributions.
  • Turn on, turn off, restart the virtual server.
  • Support for an unlimited number of domains on our DNS servers.


What is the difference between VPS and VDS?

VPS is the ability to share the resources of one server with several clients. At the same time, each client is allocated a certain amount of memory, processor cores and SSD space. Therefore, everyone is guaranteed to receive the resources that are allocated to him. At the time when the first virtual machines were launched to provide hosting services, the term VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) and VPS (Virtual Private Server) were simultaneously used. But the term VPS has become very popular, so it is worth focusing on it.

What is the difference between VPS and dedicated server?

Dedicated server (dedicated server) - useful for projects that do not want to depend on neighbors that can affect the stability of the site. Who need security and a guarantee that a sharp increase in traffic, for example, during an advertising campaign, will not lead to the fact that the site will be inaccessible due to the fact that it runs into limits.

VPS is a dedicated server divided between a small number of clients. VPS allows you to save money due to the fact that resources can be purchased as the project grows. We can say that a VPS server is a transitional stage for a project that no longer has enough virtual hosting resources, but does not need the resources of an entire server.

What kind of VPS servers are there?

VPS servers are divided into 3 types, the oldest and completely lost popularity is OpenVZ. Servers running OpenVZ have lost their popularity due to the fact that this virtualization system makes it possible for hosting providers to abuse and oversell. The remaining virtualization systems are XEN and KVM. These virtualization systems are very similar to each other, they do not allow overselling, since resources are rigidly assigned to each virtual machine. We give preference to the Xen virtualization system.

What projects do you need VPS and VDS for?

There are two main reasons why you need to use a VPS. The first is the need to install specific software that is not available on shared hosting, for example NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Sphinx. The second is when the site consumes too many resources and can no longer be hosted on the shared hosting server.

What to look for when choosing VPS and VDS

First of all, you should pay attention to the country in which the servers are located. Within one country, the time for data transfer is 2 ms, but if the servers are located outside the country, then it grows at least 10 times, up to 21 ms, or even more. Despite the fact that a millisecond is a small value due to the specifics of the TCP protocol, which constantly exchanges information between the recipient of information and the server, noticeable delays appear.

The second indicator is the virtualization system, preferably XEN or KVM.

The third thing worth paying attention to is the availability of backups and how functional the control panel is. After all, it is much more convenient to press a few buttons in the control panel and get the result. than writing to technical support and waiting for a response.

Well, in conclusion, it is worth paying attention to the level of trust in the company from which you buy services.

How much is the cheapest VPS and VDS?

The minimum cost of a VPS, without administration, is 230 UAH per month.

Where are the VPSs located?

Today VPS servers are installed in Ukraine. If the project is focused on Ukraine, then this is the most optimal location of servers, since all major international communication channels come to Ukraine, there are traffic exchange nodes. Usually, a request between the cities of Ukraine takes 2ms, while requests to Germany, Russia and the nearest countries - at least 20-40 ms, the USA - more than 100 ms.

Is administration included in the VPS price?

All VPSs are provided without administration, they are perfect for IT professionals and developers who are able to independently install and configure the operation of the necessary services and services. If you do not have Linux administration skills and do not want to study, then pay attention to the Site Administration service.

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